• My life in Finland
  • Brunch in Tampere: Café Pispala


    Brunching has become a popular Saturday and Sunday tradition in Tampere, and there are several places to get your belly full: Café Fazer, Pella’s Café, Restaurant Henriks and many more. For me the perfect brunch consists of a smorgasbord of breakfast like dishes, like croissants, breads, smoothies, fruits and scrambled eggs added with some more lunch […]

  • My life in Finland
  • Tampere on a bike


    One of the best ways of exploring new places, is to rent a bike and have a ride while enjoying the exercise and fresh air at the same time. My favourite scenic ride in Tampere is route that takes you around Pyhäjärvi lake, the other one of the two lakes that surround this largest inland town […]

  • My life in Finland
  • Trip to Hell’s Lake


    When you arrive to a new place and you see a gate that greets you with ”Welcome to hell”, you can be sure that you haven’t travelled there for nothing. Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s Lake) national park is located just 40 minutes drive away from my home town so I decided to pay a visit there. Ever since I […]

  • Bucket list Australia
  • 3 + ways to see Uluru


    Sunrise at Uluru One of the highlights of my outback tour with Groovy Grape was to see the majestical, massive and stunning rock formation, Uluru, or as named by the white settlers, Ayers Rock. There are many great ways to see Uluru and enjoy the unique atmosphere around the Uluru- Kata Tjuta national park. You […]