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  • Thirty


    Thirty. The word tastes good in my mouth. A nice round number that indicates some kind of a milestone in my life. This is definitely an end of something but, like ends usually are, also a beginning of something else. An adult with a capital A. Not a teenager anymore, but far a way from […]

  • My life in Finland
  • Brunch in Tampere: Café Pispala


    Brunching has become a popular Saturday and Sunday tradition in Tampere, and there are several places to get your belly full: Café Fazer, Pella’s Café, Restaurant Henriks and many more. For me the perfect brunch consists of a smorgasbord of breakfast like dishes, like croissants, breads, smoothies, fruits and scrambled eggs added with some more lunch […]

  • My life in Finland
  • Tampere on a bike


    One of the best ways of exploring new places, is to rent a bike and have a ride while enjoying the exercise and fresh air at the same time. My favourite scenic ride in Tampere is route that takes you around Pyhäjärvi lake, the other one of the two lakes that surround this largest inland town […]