Life in Finland

Life in Finland

Tampere <3

December 23, 2017

Greetings from Finland! My flights went fine, despite the the strong windy weather in Malta. Well, the 5-hour transit time in Frankfurt was not all pleasure, nor the fact that I was in my hometown, Tampere, at 4 am. I was dead tired then, struggling to keep my eyes open. Three nights of solid eight hours of sleep can do wonders. I feel rested and relaxed. I could not…

Life in Finland

To Finland!

December 20, 2017

I had my last work shift for five days yesterday, and finally today I am returning back to Finland for the Christmas. The last two years, I have spent the Christmas days in Australia so I could not be more excited to hopefully see some snow and definitely taste some traditional Finnish Christmas food. It has been almost exactly five months since I came to Malta, and oh…

Life in Finland

Eräpyhä – conservation area with mystical history

July 5, 2017

Hundreds of years ago, sometime during the Bronze Age in Finland, hunters and other nomads used to come to a place called Eräpyhä (erä meaning something like wilderness and pyhä meaning holy). There they used to rest, gain strength and sacrifice to their old pagan gods of forest and water to thank them or ask for more luck in hunting and fishing. Who were these hunters? Which tribe did they belong…

Life in Finland

Brunch in Tampere: Café Pispala

June 19, 2017

Brunching has become a popular Saturday and Sunday tradition in Tampere, and there are several places to get your belly full: Café Fazer, Pella’s Café, Restaurant Henriks and many more. For me the perfect brunch consists of a smorgasbord of breakfast like dishes, like croissants, breads, smoothies, fruits and scrambled eggs added with some more lunch type varieties, like salads, prawns and cold and warm fish. One should not…

Life in Finland Personal

New surprising adventures!

June 9, 2017

I’ve now been a bit over a month in Finland. I’ve enjoyed the company of my family, seen my friends, had overload of all Finnish rye bread varieties and dairy products and visited some very beautiful national parks and other sites. In a month I have seen the landscape changing from snow covered ground to a complete greenness everywhere when nature comes back to life. This is my…

Life in Finland

Tampere on a bike

June 3, 2017

One of the best ways of exploring new places, is to rent a bike and have a ride while enjoying the exercise and fresh air at the same time. My favourite scenic ride in Tampere is route that takes you around Pyhäjärvi lake, the other one of the two lakes that surround this largest inland town in the Nordic countries. Along the route you will see some really beautiful…

Life in Finland

Trip to Hell’s Lake

May 20, 2017

When you arrive to a new place and you see a gate that greets you with “Welcome to hell“, you can be sure that you haven’t travelled there for nothing. Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s Lake) national park is located just 40 minutes drive away from my home town so I decided to pay a visit there. Ever since I came back from Australia, I have had huge drive to explore more of…

Life in Finland

How to get a proper sauna experience?

May 13, 2017

If you ask me, there is not a thing more Finnish than the sauna. It might be the only Finnish word that has made its way into the English language (if in Finland, make sure to pronounce it “să’ ū nă”). In Finland there are more than 2 million saunas, some of them really weird ones. Have you ever heard of  a sauna in a library, in a phone box,…

Life in Finland

Returning to Finland after two years in Australia

May 5, 2017

I am sitting on a plane after travelling continuously for the past 30 hours. My internal clock is totally confused and it still thinks that it is the morning of this same day when I was a at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne having my last cup of flat white. In this city of passionate coffee lovers, the term last cup of flat white sounds particularly harrowing – it almost symbolises…