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New Year’s resolutions and plans

January 1, 2019

First of all, I wish you all a great (travel) year 2019! New Year is one of my favorite celebrations because I love all symbolic new beginnings and opportunities to set your life on a new course. I love Mondays, new months, new school years and New Year’s celebrations. I’m a queen of making resolutions. The first resolutions have been very concrete (to get my first kiss, haha),…

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8 random facts about me

August 26, 2018

I read a Finnish blogger Virpi’s Hätälasku blog and her eight random facts about her. I think the idea of the post was so funny that I decided to make my own version of it. Even though I blog with my own name and face and sometimes even share some quite deep and personal stuff about me, this The Present is Perfect -Sandra is only one side of me.…


Follow on social media

December 8, 2017

Do you want to stay updated and follow my adventures and daily life? You can now follow The Present is Perfect here: If you want to get notified of the latest posts: Facebook Twitter Bloglovin If you want to take a peak into my daily life: Instagram Snapchat You can find me as: sandra.nenonen Anything missing? Let me know 🙂…


Welcome to The Present is Perfect 2.0

December 1, 2017

Hi and welcome to my blog! Great to have you here! Today I achieved one big milestone in my blogging career. It is exactly 3.5 years today, since I started my blog The Present is Perfect and published my first blog post on a Finnish travel site. Before that I had spent years absorbing inspiration from other lifestyle and travel blogs, and was bursting with excitement to start…


The Beginning

January 1, 2017

Hi and welcome to follow my story. For me the New Year’s day has always been one of the most important days in a year. It symbolizes new beginnings, challenges you choose to take, and opportunities you have to create something new or to be something different, something better. It is the time of a year when people tend to stop being busy with their ordinary daily routines,…