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What to do in Malta: my 10 tips

February 3, 2020

Malta. Malta is the perfect destination for a holiday. The small country has a lot more to offer than its size would suggest. Malta has full of history on every corner. It has received influences from the Phoenicians, Italians, Arabs and the Brits and yet managed to stay completely unique among other European nations. Besides history, Malta offers great opportunities for water sports, like diving, snorkelling and swimming.…


Thanks for sending us to Blue Grotto

May 3, 2019

Before my trip to Malta, I asked you which new place should I visit during my holiday. My options were an old movie set at the Popeye Village, one of the oldest temple ruins in Malta or a boat trip to Blue Grotto. Well, the Popeye got the least support  (I learned that it’s mostly for kids) and I didn’t really feel like seeing the temples this time so…


Guess where I am going!

April 23, 2019

Greetings from Helsinki airport! This time I am travelling through Frankfurt to…. who would guess, to Malta! My plan is to work a bit and refresh the old memories of the time I was living on the island. There are still some things to do that I for some reason skipped when I was living in Malta. Here are a couple of options and I would love to…


Winter in Malta – a suicide or a smart choice?

January 26, 2019

I have been brought up in Finland, and as you all know, the Nordic countries are known to have freezing cold, dark and long winters. In every single geography textbook, it said that winters in the Mediterranean are mild or even warm. A lie I would say. Little did I know what stood ahead of me when I moved to Malta one year ago. This post is all about…


What is Maltese food like?

July 24, 2018

Maltese cuisine is quite unknown, at least if you compare it to its Mediterranean neighbours. When I moved to Malta, I could not name any single local traditional dish. Maltese cuisine has been greatly influenced by several conquers that have ruled Malta over the centuries. However, nowadays what is affecting the most, is the tourism. Unfortunately several restaurants focus on serving the same, unimaginative pizza, pasta and hamburger…


Why am I leaving Malta?

July 22, 2018

This post is a sequel of my previous post on things I will miss when I leave Malta.  If there are so many good things about this island, why would I ever want to leave this land of endless job opportunities and sunny weather? Well, there are several reasons. Personal reasons I have lived a bit more than three years abroad. During this time my sister has had a…


What will I miss from Malta?

July 10, 2018

After three weeks I will pack my bags and head to my home country Finland. For the first time in several years, I actually intent to stay there for some time. I already know that there are several things in Malta that I am going to miss. The year here has been good, educational, peaceful in its own way and full of many experiences. I have learned the…

Malta Personal

When you have to decide…

July 5, 2018

Changes are scary and exciting at the same time. They bring a chance to learn, develop, renew yourself and become a slightly different. At the same time changes are difficult, because they force you to let go of some good things, people or the feelings of familiarity. Here it comes. I have decided to leave Malta.  There are several reasons behind my decision. I have complained about Mediterranean way…


Mould problems and other greetings

April 14, 2018

I can’t believe that it is already mid-April! It feels like yesterday when I was laughing at April Fool’s jokes, and month has been flying away. I haven’t done really anything except working. I don’t know if I suffer from some spring fatigue or something, but I have energy for work but nothing beyond that. Sometimes I have been thinking if my tiredness is due to the mould…


The island of Gozo: why haven’t I visited it earlier?

April 1, 2018

Every now and then I get this longing for peaceful nature, a wish to get away from Malta, to be somewhere far away from all the noise and dust. “Go to Gozo” How many times have I heard this by locals and permanent residents! And still it took me eight full months to finally visit this neighbour island that is located only 6 kilometres from Malta. There was…