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5 interesting cafés in Tampere

Kahvila Pyynikintorin liha ja kahvi

I have been living in Tampere, Finland, for most of my adult life. Over the years, the town has gotten several cute cafés that offer explorers places to rest and enjoy a cup of good coffee. Here are my 5 recommendations on interesting cafés in Tampere.

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Pyynikintorin Liha ja Kahvi

Address: Pyynikintori 4-6, 33230 Tampere

Pyynikintorin Liha ja Kahvi makes you feel like you’re abroad. Cute checkerboard floors, cosy interior, excellent coffee and Spanish potato omelettes take you to Central or Southern Europe. The cafe is located at Pyynikintori, a square surrounded by old buildings and Jugend-style architecture. This is a true hidden gem known mainly only by locals.

Pyynikintorin liha ja kahvi Pyynikintori kahvilan tarjontaa Perunamunakas Pyynikintorin liha ja kahvi

Pyynikin munkkikahvila

Address: Näkötornintie 20, 33230 Tampere

Make sure to add this to your Tampere bucket list. The world’s best doughnuts are served in this old observation tower in Pyynikin munkkikahvila. Prepare for queues; the place is popular year-round. You can also purchase entrance to the tower, where you can see the whole town and beyond. Simply the walk to the tower is amazing, climb up and marvel at the Pyynikki eskers.

Pyynikintorni Pyynikintornin munkit

Suu sokerissa

Cafe & Bakery Mimosa

Address: Itsenäisyydenkatu 16, 33500 Tampere

If you are looking for vegan treats, visit Café & Bakery Mimosa on Itsenäisyydenkatu street, near the university. They bake their own vegan buns, cakes and meatless meat pies!

Mimosa kahvila Vegaanikahvila Tampere

Cafe Pispala

Address: Pispankatu 30, 33240 Tampere

This is more like a brunch place than a café but I have to recommend it anyway. One thing you need to do while in Tampere is to visit Pispala. This unique, colourful wooden-house area was once the suburb for the working class toiling hard in the factories in Tampere. Nowadays the area is popular among families and artists – and it has a very special vibe, go and experience it yourself! Cafe Pispala is open only on Fridays during lunchtime and on weekends.  On Saturdays and Sundays, they serve American-style breakfast with tasty pancakes, eggs, bacon, scones… you name it! You need to reserve a table in advance for the brunch.

Cafe Pispala Pyynikinharju Brunch Cafe Pispala

Pancakes at cafe Pispala

Cafe Puusti

Address: Yliopistonkatu 50, 33100 Tampere

CafePuusti CafePuusti_teevalikoima

Once in Finland, taste korvapuusti, a delicious cinnamon and cardemom bun. The best ones you can find in Cafe Puusti, located near the university and Tamperetalo congress hall. They bake korvapuustis fresh every day, and you can imagine how divine the scent of fresh buns is! You can also grab a bag of buns with you and head to the nearby park when the weather is warm.

I got so hungry while listing top cafés in Tampere! Here are some good options for those looking for cafés outside any big coffee chain. What do you say, maybe I will need to write part 2 as well?

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