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It’s the first of August, and this new month has given me a motivational boost to update my blog template. The end result is not near final but I think the site already looks more fresh and modern than the previous one. I also hope that the new look will give me a spark to update my blog more often. Especially this English site has been so neglected recently!

Is blogging dead?

If I’m frank, I have been struggling with an “identity crisis” with my blog for some time. Longer written content just doesn’t attract readers like it used to. Now it’s all about max than 1-minute videos on Instagram reels or TikTok. I love those, but I don’t want to switch over solely to making that type of content. I’ve been writing my blog since 2014 and I do it purely out of a passion for writing. I’m not ready to let go of this hobby, not just yet.

My blog began when I was going through some quarterly-life crisis. I had just graduated and landed a pretty good job at a bank. At the same time, my heart longed for adventures and travels, and I was having this internal struggle with which path to choose. I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Australia and pursue my dreams. That was really the golden age for my blog and I was able to inspire and encourage quite many people to follow their scariest dreams.

Now I’m back in my home country Finland, and life is not as exciting and inspiring as it used to be. I’ve matured a lot in 8 years so it’s no wonder that this change is visible on the posts as well. It’s less about crazy adventures and more about small easy getaways. With this new look, it’s time to update the content as well. Travelling will be an essential part of my blog in the future but I’d like to introduce other themes too. Themes like building my career, self-development and small-scale trips in Finland and in my home town Tampere will be prominent here in the future.

I’d love to get some feedback on the new look and content. Even though I write about topics that are important to me, I want to create content that interests readers too.

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