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I am a 30something woman still young at heart. Before I used to struggle with constant feelings of wanderlust; I just felt that out there is a whole new world waiting for me and so many wonderful adventures yet to be experienced. I found relief in my travels to Europe during my holidays, and for a moment, I could feel free and happy. However, this relief was short-lived.


In the fall of 2014, I felt that I’m at crossroads. On the one hand, I could just continue my safe old life with work and husband, build my career at a large Scandinavian company, buy a better car and decorate my home in a small Finnish town. That was the reasonable, smart decision. Or I could risk it all and explore the path of the unknown. Needless to say that my heart chose the latter option, and in March 2015, I packed everything into a backpack and bought a one-way ticket to Australia. This decision turned my life upside down and changed the course of my future. I spent two years in Australia after which I continued my adventures in Malta.

While working in Malta, I met a wonderful guy from Sweden. We fell in love and decided to pursue a life together in Finland. I returned to my hometown Tampere to study journalism and he followed. Now we explore the world together.

The Present is Perfect is a blog about my travels far and near and other themes close to my heart, career and studies, well-being and self-development. I strongly believe that the present day is perfect as it is. It’s a precious gift and we should make the most of it.

Welcome to follow my adventures!

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