The first trip of the year is soon here! On Wednesday, at 6 am my flight from Malta will board off to Berlin Schonefeld. My dad and sister will join me in Berlin and we have rented an apartment near the Cultural Centre and Jüdisher Friedhof for three nights. I have no idea if this is a good location or not. I neither have any particular plans for Berlin. Of course seeing the Berlin Wall will be the must, but otherwise, I will just want to explore and experience the atmosphere of the city.

I have been in Germany at least five times, but this is my first trip to Berlin. So all tips and recommendations are valued! Do you manage well in English or is speaking German necessary? I can speak a bit of the language but it is so rusty! People seem to either love or hate Berlin, so I will go there with an open mind and build my own opinion of the city. I usually bloom in new places and find novelty intriguing. I am a curious soul, an explorer by heart. So, I hope I will love Berlin, the history, the hipster cafes and the contrast of the east and west side.

I have been now working and living in Malta for a bit more than six months. My relationship with this country is going from one side to another – at times, I am sick of this small island and at other times, I feel that life is good here. I have to admit, I miss my family, the easy living in Finland where everything works and of course the nature. Don’t get me wrong though, all is fine here too. Anyway, I hope that a small getaway from Malta to an actual large city will help!

See you in Berlin next time!

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