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Bratislava castle – so bad inside that it’s almost funny


Bratislava castle is the most famous symbol of Slovakia and the country’s capital Bratislava. The stunning beautiful white landmark has been built in the 9th century. The castle has overcome several renovations over the centuries and it has served as a spot for many important events. Bratislava used to be the official coronation town for Hungarian kings and thus, the castle was the formal seat of the kings. Also in 1992, the constitution of independent Slovakia was written there.  Needless to say, Bratislava castle was and still is an important and popular place for locals and visitors alike.

The Castle is located on a hill above Danube river. I recommend taking the 10-minute climb up to the hill to see the beautiful view over different countries. The best time to visit the castle is around the sunset but prepare for the crowds. The surroundings of the castle are worth the visit too, and the entrance to the castle grounds is free of charge.

Don’t go inside

There is a 10-euro entrance fee to see the castle museum. Don’t bother, unless you want to do it for the absurd experience. Empty rooms after empty rooms that are modernly renovated. If you expected to see anything like an old castle that we have in Europe, you won’t get that. The customer service reminds the one in Soviet union. Angry looking older women watching your every move – like you couldn’t touch anything when there isn’t anything!  They don’t really speak English either.

There was an exhibition about the renovations done in the castle, and art exhibition and then some random, not related items, like glass vases and retro advertisements. There was hardly anything historical, nothing you would expect from an old castle. There were some signs telling about the history of Slovakia but even that was so boringly executed that I was amazed. There were just dates with random incidents with the tiniest text ever. I didn’t even bother to take any photos, just these three (one above and two below).

So, do climb up to the castle but don’t go inside. You will gain nothing from it.


  • Johan
    April 10, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    This blog have a minimum infornation about the castle or the city and you should looking for them too before you judge something you visit. Also this is so unprofesional writed because if you write a blog about something should have a better point then dont go inside. You should stay tourist and dont write about.

    • Sandra
      April 12, 2022 at 6:33 am

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t like the post. I loved Bratislava city but the insides of the castle (which was beautiful outside) were a disappointment for me. I’m just a tourist, not a professional travel journalist, and this blog is just a hobby of mine to share my personal experiences, and I believe that everyone should have the right to write about whatever they feel about a place. All the best to you!


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