“Breaking news”: we are having a baby!

Well, the headline and the picture below are quite self-explanatory. We are in the middle of exciting times because at any moment we are having a new family member!

Week 40!

To be honest, having a family has never been on my bucket list. I seem to lack maternal instincts and my biological clock has never been ticking. I’ve always prioritized living for myself and pursuing my dreams whether it’s been travelling, studying or working. Despite of that, life sometimes brings you new adventures that you couldn’t have imagined 5 years ago. I can’t deny that I wouldn’t be scared and nervous. My mind is full of thoughts like “Will I lose all my personal time? Will our life change in an irreversible way, and will we regret it? Will we ever be able to explore not-so-easy travel destinations?” 

Despite all these uncertainties, we couldn’t be happier to meet this little fella and show him the wonders of this world.

What was it then that made us try to have a baby? My guiding motto in life is to experience as much as I can and say yes to new opportunities when they present themselves. At the end of the last year, we felt that the time for this new adventure could be right. We had been together for four and half years, and I really felt that I had found the right person who would stand by me and support me through anything. I was already 34 years old and didn’t want to feel regret in my fifties for never even giving this chance a go. So, in the same way, as I had dove into other new things, like moving abroad or studying a new major in my 30s, we also jumped into this new unknown universe.

How has it been this far?

Now I’m on pregnancy week 40 so the due date is at hand. I don’t feel yet that something would be happening in the near future but as everyone knows, things could change in a heartbeat. I have felt really good throughout my pregnancy. Of course, now I feel quite heavy, clumsy and full but I’ve had enough energy to go for walks, exercise at the gym, meet people in town and so on.

In this picture, we are in Gran Canaria and I’m on week 14. Then I felt really bloated but in reality, you can’t see any signs of pregnancy!

It really seems that we are getting a new travelling companion. This little person hasn’t been even born and yet he has visited 6 countries, Sweden even twice! Even though don’t want to make this a mom blog, I might write a post about travelling while pregnant since that was a topic that I needed to google info about.

Well yeah. Those were the breaking news. Let’s see what exciting things we’ll experience in the future.

The article picture: Pixabay

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