Can you find anything green in Malta?

Malta is one big barren rock. It is not only once or twice I have said those words. And yes, basically it is true. Here you can see rocky shores, stone houses, stone walls and cliffs everywhere you lay your eyes on. I am from Finland, and my soul is used to seeing green forests, grass, moss, trees and bushes. Sometimes, I really miss just the plain greenness, instead of this everywhere expanding yellow stone. But you might be surprised to hear that it is actually possible to find some green in Malta. You just have to know where to go and when to go!

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A couple of days ago I got inspired by an Instagram story by another Finnish girl living in Malta, and decided to do a short trip to Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay area. The bus 225 took me there conveniently straight from Sliema, and the bus drive was only some 40 minutes, nothing on Maltese standards. The Golden Bay is a sandy beach and pretty popular destination during the summer time by tourists and locals alike, but luckily there weren’t too many people on that day. Well, I guess on the Australian standards, there were heaps of people, but hey, we are in Europe now, so there are hardly any remote beaches! The weather was sunny, the temperature was around 18 degrees and the sea was glittering like some turquoise  gemstone. Another way to say that life was pretty sweet!

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I decided to do a small hike and climbed up to a cliff that offered me some magnificent views over the two bays. Up on a hill, there was the Ghajn Tuffieha Tower, apparently some old watchtower. Next to it there was a small olive grove (called Gaia Peace Grove) that was dedicated to olive growing, harvesting and produce as well as some individuals famous for their peace work. The olive branch is a symbol of peace, dating all the way to the customs of ancient Greece.

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After this I started descending down to the Ghajn Tuffieha Beach. At times, I almost had to pinch myself and ask if this really was dry, barren, rocky Malta. I could see green grass, bushes, even flowers! I have been told by several locals that the island will transform during the winter time and become a lot greener, but I have been sceptic. Well, on that day I was proven wrong.

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So, to answer my question, yes, you can find green in Malta! I do recommend the trip to Golden Bay area if you enjoy nature even a tiny bit! The scenery was stunning, and  I preferred this place over the Dingli Cliffs for example. And if there are any locals reading this, what other places do you recommend? On my days off I am more than excited to explore this island and its hidden wonders even more!


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