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Different New Year celebrations 2015–2021

Sandra ja Maisa vuosi 2021

I wish you a happy, at least a slightly better, new year 2021. The past year has been exceptional in so many aspects. All plans and goals have been on a stand by mode. We have entered into a new daily life filled with restrictions, rules, recommendations, masks and hand sanitisers. Working or studying from a distance has become the new normal while meeting the loved ones has been more limited than ever.

I bet I’m not the only one who is so ready to forget 2020 and set my eyes on the new, hopefully, better year. We actually already have positive things ahead of us. Trump is soon leaving the White House and hopefully, this marks the end of this populistic post-truth era in politics and media. Brexit is finally going to happen after all uncertainties and postponements. And the last but not the least, covid-vaccinations are happening literally as I’m writing this.

New Year celebrations 2015–2021

The year 2015 took off in a small town of Kouvola in Finland. I had already decided to leave my secure life behind and move to Australia on my working holiday visa. I had already secured my visa, bought the plane tickets and prepared to begin the biggest adventure of my life. I wrote like this on my Finnish blog post:

“I feel that the upcoming trip to Australia will be a starting point for all things new. I know that the new year will most likely change me as a person more than any year before this one.”

How right was I!

Years 2016 and 2017 began in Melbourne marvelling magnificent fireworks on the roof of my building. During those moments, I felt that I was young, wild and free (yes, such a cliche!) and in amid of the biggest adventure of my life. Not all moments were easy but boy, they were worth living!

2017 I started writing some posts in English as well.

New Year 2018 took off in Malta. I was just finishing my evening shift when Isak came to cheer me up at the office with a bottle of sparkling with him. We made plans of going to Valletta to see the fireworks but ended up just drinking the sparkling and going to sleep. Yep, I surely had turned 30! Adulthood was creeping on me and my New Year plans had become more sensible.

When the year 2019 started, I was again living in Finland and studying journalism at the university. You can see from my New Year post that my plans and resolutions were full of targets of just continuing doing the same stuff as I had done before. Nothing really big happened that year, I felt calm and content.

How about the year 2020? I didn’t even write a new post on that New Year’s. I guess I was a bit tired of blogging and felt that there isn’t that much interesting going on anyway.

Anyways, welcome 2021!

Happy New Year to all of you, and big thanks to anyone who has read my posts. I hope and believe that the year 2021 will give us back our ability to make plans for the future, fulfil our dreams and goals and travel the world.

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