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A couple of days ago I finished my work in Melbourne, said goodbye to my lovely roommates that have been my family for six months and finally flew to Adelaide to start my journey to the Australian outback. In Adelaide I decided to stay, not in the city centre, but near the beach in a suburb called Glenelg. Once I got there, I couldn’t have been any happier about my choice of accommodation. Glenelg was everything I wanted for a one night before my tour – beautiful old heritage buildings, nice selection of restaurants, laid back atmosphere and of course, the beach and the sea.

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I was really pleased with my place for the night, Glenelg Beach Hostel. The building dates from 1898 and it really had a unique character and relaxed vibe. The staff and the guest were really friendly and my female dorm didn’t have any bunk beds! Not too bad for 30 bucks a night. I had a nice stroll on the beach, managed to visit the gym and even was able to find some motivation to study for my university entrance exams (I’m planning to study journalism next autumn). In a place like Glenelg where the isn’t too much anything to do, you can just let your mind and body to relax and unwind. This was just a perfect way to reward myself of six months of hard working in Melbourne.

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This morning I had really early morning because my tour to Uluru and Alice Springs started well before sunrise. The day consisted of one nice walk at Alligator Gorge (more about that tomorrow) and hours of sitting in a bus. Now we are preparing dinner and I can smell the sizzling steaks and hear the people opening their bottles of cider. I don’t want to be left out especially when it comes to food so off I go now!

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