Happy Holidays – I’m taking some time off!

Hey, and long-time no see! I just wanted to come to wish you all Happy Holidays and amazing last days of 2019. The past one and a half months have been absolutely crazy with school and work. During the autumn, we have had an intensive course on practical journalism and I have been writing several articles, taken hundreds of photos, learned to film with a video camera, and whatnot. In December I have also worked 9 hours a day in the Chocolate shop in Tallipiha, and trust me, it has been busy.

Yesterday it was the first proper day-off god knows since when. I finally had some time to go to the gym without a rush, take some lovely photos of Stable Yards (the photos you see in this post) and of course spend the evening with my mom eating sushi and sipping mulled wine (not traditional Christmas food here in Finland!). However, one day is not enough to compensate for the busy year, mile-long to-do-lists, and constant running to perform one duty after another.

I need more. And I will have more. 

I have decided to take two months off. No studies, not much work, no calendar pages full of things to do. I will travel, do nothing, travel more, be spontaneous, be care-free, be more me. Remember again how it is to be me.

Today I will have another day off. I will enjoy the softness of my couch, the series Witcher on  Netflix and the company of my family.

I wish you all great last days of the year  <3

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