How much should you travel as a travel blogger?

]I have been writing my blog for over four years now, and all this time I have called this as a travel blog. The harsh fact is though, that I travel far less than many of my blogger colleagues. I haven’t visited over 100 countries, not even close. Actually, the number might be a bit over twenty. I can neither brag about visiting anything interesting or exotic. I have mostly traveled to safe and boring Western countries, like Sweden, Estonia, Germany or Greece.

This year’s travel accomplishments are as follows: I visited Berlin in February, Paris in May and Iceland in June. In one week I will head to Copenhagen and to Southern Sweden. That’s it. Five different countries, of which only France is a new destination for me. That won’t impress travel bloggers nor even the average Joe who is browsing travel blogs for some inspiration. Sometimes I even wonder why would anyone read my blog 😀

Of course, you can write several posts about one single trip. You can plan it, write almost like a diary of every day when you are on your holiday, you can give accommodation and restaurant recommendations, describe sightseeing opportunities and share your post-trip feelings. In addition, you can always write about traveling in your home country – a very legit way of traveling too. You can also cover general topics about traveling and write about packing, visas, inspiring travel books or movies or even test some foreign dishes in your home kitchen.

On the other hand, I have also lived in Australia and Malta. There are a lot of experiences, memories, learning and cultural differences that I can write about. I have also tried to explore my new home countries as much as possible, which has decreased my interest in traveling to new places. I don’t feel any pressure to travel because of my blog that is purely a hobby. However, the cold fact is that I don’t travel that much. Can I still call myself a travel blogger?

I would be interested in hearing your opinions. How much should one travel to be a travel blogger? Is it enough just to travel inside your home country? How about you living in a foreign country, is it enough to share your experiences about your new home country? 

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