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Lillan Hotel & Kök Breakfast


Congratulations to me, it’s my 35th birthday! It’s so crazy how fast years are passing by. It was like yesterday when I turned 28, and not long until I’m in my forties! Anyway, when you have a reason to celebrate – like a birthday – you’ll need to have a bit better breakfast. There are heaps of nice breakfast and brunch places in my hometown Tampere. I have tested most of them, but luckily one was still waiting for a perfect moment, and that moment came today. It was time to try out Hotel Lillan’s famous breakfast.

Lillan Hotel & Kök

Lillan is a boutique hotel situated in Viinikka’s idyllic wooden house quarters, just next to the historical Viinikka’s church. In my opinion, the hotel is perfect for couples and staycations. It’s located a bit outside of the Tampere centre without being too far away from civilisation.  The house was originally built as a nursing home for retired maids in 1927. The building is now fully renovated into a cosy hotel and restaurant that relies on a welcoming atmosphere, great service and tasty food. The place is full of a harmonious vibe that you can sense right away when you step in. It feels like the time has stopped. The place literally invites you to relax and forget all the worries and the world around you.

Lillan’s breakfast

You can enjoy Lillan’s breakfast even though you are not staying at the hotel.  They serve breakfast from Mon-Fri between 7 and 10 am and brunch on weekends at 11 am, 13 pm and 15 pm settings. You need to make a reservation for breakfast and brunch by 4 pm on the day before.

Lillan’s breakfast is one of the priciest ones in the city. On weekdays the breakfast costs 25 euros per person and the brunch is €30 per person. The selection is not the most versatile either; for example, they don’t serve anything warm, like bacon or omelettes. However, they use a lot of fresh local produce and everything is well-made tasty and of high quality. And the unique atmosphere is something that beats many other brunch places that might have a wider variety of breakfast options.

During our visit, the breakfast included Finnish dark sweet bread (we call it archipelago bread), croissants, cheese, cold cuts, smoked salmon, cheese pie, fruits, overnight oats, Turkish yoghurt, granola, chocolate and mango cakes, juices and coffee or tea. Everything was tasty but our favourites were the croissants with homemade jam and the cheese pies.

Was it worth the price?

I think Lillan’s breakfast is perfect for these little special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries. I personally prefer fruits, overnight oats and other cold breakfast dishes so Lillan’s selection was to my liking. My boyfriend Isak loves English-style breakfasts with bacon, eggs, beans and sausages so I think he was missing some warm options.

However, Lillan’s amazing atmosphere and great service made this experience worth the money. When you have jazz music playing in the background, a peaceful and serene atmosphere and tasty coffee and tea prepared separately by request, you know you are up for a wonderful day. If you are looking for a unique getaway, Lillan is the place to go.

Address: Kurjentaival 35, 33100 Tampere, Finland.

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