Mould problems and other greetings

I can’t believe that it is already mid-April! It feels like yesterday when I was laughing at April Fool’s jokes, and month has been flying away. I haven’t done really anything except working. I don’t know if I suffer from some spring fatigue or something, but I have energy for work but nothing beyond that. Sometimes I have been thinking if my tiredness is due to the mould that I have in my apartment. My whole bedroom ceiling if covered with small dots of mould that greets me every time I lie on my bed. I don’t consider myself very sensible for mould, and I haven’t been sick at all during my nine months in Malta so I haven’t been overly concerned about it. Yet, I still think if it could affect my health one way or another.

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Mould is really common in Malta, and even new apartments might be covered with mould just after one year. Especially winters are a challenge both for people and for the houses. Kitchen appliances get rusty, apartments and even clothes in your wardrobe get mouldy and of course, you are freezing inside. One aspect of the mould problem is that many landlords don’t see the mould as a problem – actually, they deny to see the existence of mould at all, at least not in their apartments. And if they acknowledge the problem, their solution is just to add one layer of paint on top of the mould. Out of sight, out of mind! Mela!

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Let’s hope that the mould is not the reason for my mood and lack of energy. Let’s hope that nice things in the next month will bring me happiness and boost. First of all, in the beginning of May I am heading to Paris for my romantic solo getaway! Couldn’t be more excited! Then just after my trip, my mom is coming to see me in Malta, and right after her, my oldest childhood friend is coming too. I can’t wait to show them around, take them to explore the sights of Valletta and Mdina, have aperol spriz drinks with them, and just enjoy the sun, the sea and the chats. And the whole June is full of holiday, since I am first flying to Finland, then having a horse riding tour in Iceland and then returning to Finland for our annual midsummer celebrations. Yep, let’s hope that all these trips and people bring me more energy to go through this month!


I wish you all a nice spring/autumn depending on your location!

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