A new year, a fresh beginning. I welcomed the year 2015 in a small town in the Eastern Finland. After this my life has been one big process of change. I celebrated the year 2016 in Melbourne, then I returned to Finland for a while, just to return back to Australia for the next year. Little did I know back then that I would see the first moments of 2018 in the small island of Malta. Indeed, life has been full of surprises.


I have celebrated every single new year with different persons. Every place I have lived in, every job, every person I have met, they all have left their mark in me. Sometimes I feel that there have been more things happening in the past three years than there has been during the past ten years before that. It has not been always easy. I have felt lost, disconnected, drifted, lonely. At the same time, these past three years entail some of the best experiences of my life. I have grown as a person, learned so much about me, my values and I feel that I have managed to be myself more genuinely than ever before. During the past three years, I have been running towards adventures, changes, freedom and carefree life. I have wanted to feel young, wild and free and live each day like it would be my last.


A new year is a perfect time to ask yourself if there is anything else you want from this upcoming year. What would be meaningful for me? How could I live according to my values? I know that I am a restless spirit, always ready to turn my life upside down in a heartbeat. I feel intrigued by the unknown. In 2018, I am welcoming new adventures. There are several countries I want to see, a bunch of travel goals yet to be ticked off. This year I am going to see at least Berlin, Paris and Iceland!


At the same time I feel that it is time to make my daily life something that I feel happy in. I don’t want to have this constant need to make big changes just to make my life more interesting. The biggest hope is to get more meaningful jobs that include more writing, content creation and communication tasks. I also want to challenge myself intellectually and go back to my studies. I also want to develop my blog by posting more frequently and creating better and more interesting content.


I have been grateful to get to know so many intelligent, inspiring people that have had an impact on my life on way or another. However, I feel that there have been too many people just coming and going, and I want to focus more on those who are staying in my life for the long run. It does not have to mean that I need to live in the same country, but I will need to invest more time to say in touch with those individuals. I want to be more present in the lives of those persons that matter me the most. I believe that this year is not going to be the year to find the significant other. To be honest, I don’t want to compromise my freedom and my own time just for the sake of not being alone. I enjoy my solitude but never say never ;).


So I hope that the year 2018 will be a perfect combination of adventures and stability. I don’t want to make changes just for the sake of it, but in order to create circumstances that are more meaningful and stable. I am welcoming new people to my life, but I will invest more on the relationships that matter the most. I wish that the year 2018 will have less stress, less worrying and more self-knowledge and taking care of myself and my health. I hope that this year will be full of amazing trips, memorable experiences and first of all, happiness.

So Happy New Year to you all! I wish that all your wishes come true and you are able to achieve the goals you are going to set for this year.

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