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My travel plans for 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to everyone! Wow, I can still remember when we entered into the new millennium and I now 17 years has passed since that! The older I get, the faster time flies – at least it feels that way. However, according to some studies, you can actually make months and years feel longer by adding more new, memorable experiences into your daily life. As we age, time seems to speed up because our adulthood is normally accompanied by fewer and fewer memorable events. We have to go to work every day, we have to pay bills, take care of our family and all that, and life is basically the same dull routines repeated over and over again. But when you add more exciting experiences into your life, especially things that you do for the first time, you can make your days count more. Sounds logical, right?

So for 2017 I already have some very exciting things planned. Not many new countries, and yet traveling from other side of the world to the other side.

Melbourne and Victoria

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I’m currently living in Melbourne CBD and working there till the mid April. My plan is to continue exploring the city, the suburbs and areas near by in Victoria. I never say no to trip to Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula. I would also really like to go camping to Wilson’s prom because I haven’t been there before.


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Pics here and here

Right after the New Year’s celebrations I’m taking a mini get-away and going to Adelaide for a couple of days. Adelaide is is located in South Australia, around 800 kilometers from Melbourne and the city is famous for it’s festivals and wine regions of Barossa Valley, Clare and Adelaide Hills. It’s also known to be clean, safe and frankly, a bit boring on Australian standards but we’ll see if I fall in love with the city.

From Perth to Broome



When I finish my work in April, I will catch a flight to Perth, Western Australia and spend there a couple of days. After that I will start a tour from Perth to Broome along Australia’s west coast which is known for it’s amazing landscapes, remoteness and breathtaking natural wonders, like Karijini National Park, Pinnacles, Monkey Mia and Cable Beach. Experiencing West Coast has been on my bucket list since I landed Australia and finally I’ll have a change to tick that off. Not a bad way to end my time in Down Under.


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In the beginning of May I am going to, with a heavy heart, say goodbye to this magnificent continent and return to my home country Finland just in time to enjoy the spring and summer with bright nights, barbecue season, still lakes and green birch three forests and most importantly, time with my friends and family. In Finland I will find a job and place to stay for the summer and depending how everything turns out, maybe even longer. If you ask me, Finland is the best place to be during the summer time but I’m still planning to allow myself a little trip for my 30th birthday in August. I haven’t yet decided where I want to go but New York, Rome and Barcelona are currently on the top of my list.

These are my plans for the 2017. May this be the best year ever!


  • Mark
    January 3, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Hi Sandra! I am a keen follower of yours and really love your blogs and reading about your adventures! When you sadly have to leave, I hope you come back to Australia again soon, as it is such a vibrant and beautiful place with people that will miss you and very much want to see you again. There us so much to share and experience here, and you will have an amazing and wonderful time ☺

    • admin
      January 3, 2017 at 9:16 pm

      Thanks Mark! I think that you can take me out from Australia, but you can never take Australia off me.


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