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New surprising adventures!

I’ve now been a bit over a month in Finland. I’ve enjoyed the company of my family, seen my friends, had overload of all Finnish rye bread varieties and dairy products and visited some very beautiful national parks and other sites. In a month I have seen the landscape changing from snow covered ground to a complete greenness everywhere when nature comes back to life. This is my favourite time in Finland, and I have enjoyed it fully.


However, at the same time I’ve been pondering whether I want to settle down to Finland, get a steady job, maybe buy a flat at some point and have a “normal adult” life here or not. Should I still continue my adventures, seek a path less travelled and keep my freedom to do whatever I feel like? To be honest, I love Finland this time of the year but I know that this is just going to last for a couple of months. Soon I’ll realise that it is going to be freezing cold, grey and gloomy and we are going to have just 5 hours of sunlight a day. Is it a life I want for myself?


Sometimes exciting opportunities arise when you least expect it. And when you have kept your mind open, you can say “yes” even though you don’t really know what’s going to be ahead. Last week my second cousin told about a job opportunity in a company she works at, I sent them my CV, had an interview yesterday and at the end of it, they asked me if I wanted the job. I was blown away by the fact that I had to decide it right after the interview. Well, once I heard this great rule of thumb that I’ve been following (maybe way too often sometimes): If you have two options to decide from, choose the one that makes a better story. And then I heard myself saying “yes”.


Next month I’ll be moving to Malta!

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