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New Year’s resolutions and plans

First of all, I wish you all a great (travel) year 2019! New Year is one of my favorite celebrations because I love all symbolic new beginnings and opportunities to set your life on a new course. I love Mondays, new months, new school years and New Year’s celebrations. I’m a queen of making resolutions. The first resolutions have been very concrete (to get my first kiss, haha), while now they are more about wellbeing and such. Have you guys done any resolutions today?

The year 2018

For me, the year 2018 was a peaceful year. Yet several big changes happened. I moved from Malta to Finland, started studying journalism and started my own business. However, I say that this was a peaceful year because I was able to cut down unnecessary noise in my head. I wasn’t overthinking, feeling insecure or unsure. I made big decisions according to my inner voice, intuition, which made me feel that things went exactly how they were supposed to. I’m happy to say that the inner rollercoaster that I had during my years in Australia is finally gone.

How about 2019?

Time to take a look of 2019. What will the year have for me? I am dedicated to continue my studies and find an interesting minor subject besides journalism. I have set myself a goal to finish my bachelor’s degree in two years. It might be that I want to go on a student exchange on my third year so then I won’t be able to graduate in two years. Anyway, it is still a long way until that and a lot can happen. I will be staying in Finland but it doesn’t mean that I won’t have travel plans.

The first trip of the year will be Dublin with other journalism students. I prefer solo travels so this will be a way out of my comfort zone. I’m not a huge alcohol drinker who wants to stay up late so let’s see how well I will manage with the other freshmen. Another huge travel dream would be interrailing in Europe. I want to be intoxicated by the feeling of complete freedom. I want to make plans on the move and explore unknown cities. I want to hike at the Alps, eat Sacher cake in Vienna and see the canals of Amsterdam. Traveling in Europe is so incredibly cheap and easy (at least compared with traveling around Australia). I want to finally get to know my home continent.

How about my resolutions?

When it comes to my blog, I have had mixed feelings about it for some time. It feels that the whole blogging scene is becoming quiet and that all interaction is happening now in social media. Writing both in Finnish and English takes a lot of time and effort, and last year I just haven’t had the interest to take my blog further. I haven’t been interested in the number of readers or social media followers or even being regular with my posts. To be honest, I have considered focusing 100 % on my real life on the other side of the screen. And yet, again and again, I find myself writing a new post.

Will I promise that I will put more effort into my blog? Nope. On the contrary. I decided to care even less really. I thought that I could give you more my genuine thoughts and opinions and think less about the number of readers. I will be writing more about my life between my travels. After all, the biggest part of life happens between the special travel days. Nothing larger than life, just life.

Do I have any New Year’s resolutions? In 2019 I will do less and live more. I will try to create time for being creative. Only when you are totally relaxed, even a little bit bored, your mind will start developing new ideas. People nowadays are not accustomed to being bored. If they have any idle moment, the first thing they do is browse their social media accounts or watch some Youtube videos. I will try to do the opposite. I’m going to read more books, write, paint, visit art galleries and go to see theater plays. I will plan empty days with nothing to do. I will challenge myself to have new thoughts and experience new things.

And I challenge you to do the same.

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