Off to Malta!

Here I am, a bit tired girl at Helsinki airport ready to board on a plane and head to new challenges in a new country. It feels so much easier to leave to Malta than it was to go to the other side of the world to Australia a year ago. I’m going to be in the other side of Europe, but it is still Europe and just a four-hour flight away from home. Time difference is just one hour, English is  an official language and I already have my work and accommodation sorted. Should be easy (probably these are the famous last words :D)

So I’m confident that everything will be alright and I’ll be ok. I will try to be active with my blog as well as with my social media, and keep you posted about my latest adventures or just my normal boring daily life. But now I’ll just try to get at least 30 mins of sleep before the boarding starts.

Next you’ll hear more from me when I’m in Malta <3

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