One more reason to visit Malta: Valletta the European cultural capital 2018

Hi there! Am I the only one or are you also noticing that Malta seems to be more and more popular travel destination? Could one reason behind this increased popularity be that Valletta is the European cultural capital of 2018? This year, this tiny yet beautiful town is filled with different cultural happenings and events. So if Malta is on your bucket list, 2018 might be the year to come here!

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Last Saturday Valletta was full of people, lights, music, acrobatics and arts, when the city celebrated the opening night of its year of cultural capital. I wanted to be part of this so I headed to the centre well before the official celebrations were scheduled to start. Some workers were still getting things done only one hour before the shows were about to start, but mela, that is the way things are done in Malta. Surprising or not, everything was ready at seven, when different squares were filled with people, different dance shows, music, light constellations and performances. I have to admit that the city looked really beautiful, especially when the evening turned into a night.

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There is always some room for complaining. I took the bus to Valletta, and due to some special transport arrangements, the bus left me in the town near by, called Floriana. No worries, it was not a biggie to walk 1.5 km to the city centre. And so I walked back there to catch the bus home, but then the fun starts. There were no right busses no matter how long I waited. I’m not getting anxious easily but there were just too many people and I started to feel, if not panicked, but not comfortable. So, after all the crowd and all the waiting, I decided to walk home to Sliema / St Julians. And in the evening, that is a long way!

But no worries, mela, this is Malta. Anyway, the point of this post was not to complain but to remind that: Hey, Valletta is the European cultural capital of the year! This is one more extra reason to visit Malta and especially that stunning capital city. And if you are already planning a trip to Malta this year, remember to check if there are any special cultural events in Valletta planned during your stay!

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