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Shitty blogger says hi

Yep, every once in a while all of us are a bit shitty. For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t had any energy, nor time, for my beloved hobby because everything else has just come before – my job, gym, being social, Netflix, cleaning and all the other tiny errands. Sometimes I wonder (and feel jealous) how some bloggers are able to publish a new post once a day, while I can hardly manage to do one post per week.


Anyway, here we are, alive and pretty well. I am sort of having my Easter holiday even though I spent good three hours at the office today. It is starting to get warm in Malta, and this you know because indoors you only need one long-sleeve shirt. Outside it is totally beach weather and I have even managed to swim in the sea for a couple of times. Tourists are also again pouring in to Malta, and not many weeks more, and I will really need to struggle my way on the narrow streets to get pass the masses of people with their Canons, Nikons and iPhones. During my days off I have explored the island even more and even went to the neighbour island of Gozo. More about that trip later…

IMG_1297 IMG_1302 IMG_1263

In April I am not going to do anything special, just work and save heaps of money, haha. I am going to need all the extra bucks, because I will start my May with a trip to Paris. In June I will start my ultimate holiday mode, and first fly to Finland, then do a riding tour in Iceland and then return to Finland for the midsummer (a big celebration for us Finns). At the end of June I will return back to the sweaty Mediterranean after having spent hopefully some sunny weeks with my friends and family.


As you may have noticed, this post didn’t have any larger purpose. I just wanted to say that I am alive still and will keep on posting more soon! Sometimes other things just get to be on top of my priority list, so bear with me!

And the last but not least, enjoy your Easter holidays and Good Friday!

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