(Sick) greetings from Corfu

Hi and greetings from Corfu! I haven’t been writing in English for such a long time because I have been so busy with university and work. However, finally now I have some extra time on my hands and I can return to the English side of my page. I’m currently in Corfu where I arrived already 5 days ago.

I was planning to write a lot earlier but then things didn’t go as I planned and I got sick. I started vomiting heavily on the second evening of my stay. We had to call a doctor in the middle of the night and they needed to do a check-up at a clinic too. So I spent the third day of my stay at a clinic in Corfu Town. On the fourth day, that was yesterday, I basically slept and chilled in my hotel room. I barely managed to get out to the pool and to get some lunch at the hotel bar.

Remember travel insurance

Even though I have travelled quite a bit, I have never needed to visit a hospital during my travels. Not even in Australia, not when I got a belly bug in Bali, not during my year in Malta. This was the first time I put my travel insurance to the test, and I couldn’t have been happier having taken it. I have often travelled in Europe without a travel insurance (we EU citizens get this EU travel healthcare card that allows us to get treatment for the same price as the locals do). Now I thanked myself for taking it because I was able to visit a private clinic with top-notch service. Thank you for the great care at Corfu Medica!

Now after a well slept night and day, I feel and look 10 years younger. 5 naps a day can really do wonders to your eye bags and wrinkles haha. It even feels a bit weird to feel energized by a good night sleep and not three cups of coffee. That is a bit alarming and a good reminder to really sleep more during my normal everyday life!

Today’s plans

Today I am heading to a place called Paleokastritsa. Based on the photos, this should be one of the most beautiful areas in Corfu with wonderful turquoise water and a pretty bay area. Tomorrow I am going to visit Albania. I will write more detailed posts on both of the places (will try to get them out in English too) but now I just want to say that I’m back, well and rested.


  • Anna
    August 30, 2019 at 4:05 am

    So glad you are posting in English!!! And that you are better!!

    • Sandra
      August 30, 2019 at 5:20 pm

      Oh thanks! I’ll try my best to keep it up again 😊😊😊


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