Slow morning in Paris


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Bonjour to you all!

I am resting at my hotel room and watching how the morning sun slowly kisses the Parisian balconies on the other side of the street. Different flowers are stretching themselves towards the warming sun, while people are getting started with their morning routines. Boulangeries and fruit shops are opening their doors and restaurant workers are organising outdoor tables into straight lines. The first customers are already sitting outside, browsing their morning newspapers and sipping their cafe au lait.  Time is moving slowly, exactly like it should on a beautiful morning like this.

This is my second morning in Paris. I spent the whole day yesterday walking around and sightseeing. I walked along the banks of Seine, got lost in the small alleys of Saint-Germain and spent an hour relaxing at the Luxembourg park where small children were playing with wooden toy ships, exactly like kids have done for the past one hundred years. The best things in life go unchanged. I guess that is what a Parisian life is all about.

Paris has met my expectations. The history is present at every turn. People really do enjoy the fine things in life. They spend time resting at parks and have picnics with friends. They sit outside and have long lunches enjoying every single bite. They choose carefully the best ingredients when making their grocery shoppings at fruit shops, fromangeries or boulangeries. And yes, they do walk around carrying fresh baguettes.

Paris has truly been charming!

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