I had my last work shift for five days yesterday, and finally today I am returning back to Finland for the Christmas. The last two years, I have spent the Christmas days in Australia so I could not be more excited to hopefully see some snow and definitely taste some traditional Finnish Christmas food. It has been almost exactly five months since I came to Malta, and oh boy, how quickly time has gone! When I got here, I gave myself six months to figure out if I like it here. After five months, I feel that the place still has something reserved for me, so I might give Malta another six months or so. What happens after that, the time will tell.

My flight to Finland is going to depart at 1.30 pm but there will be a 5-hour transfer time in Frankfurt so I am going to be in Finland on the following day (night). In Finland, I will have thousand small errands to run and another thousand people to meet but hopefully I will also find some time to relax on a couch with a mug of mulled wine in my hands.

Anyway, I still have some packing to do so I will continue with that. Hopefully, I’ll manage to squeeze some time for my blog in Finland, but at least I will be active on Instagram and on Snapchat :).

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