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Travel plans for 2023

The year 2022 is soon over. Little did I know that we would be facing yet another exceptional year with the pandemic, skyrocketing energy prices, inflation and the war in Ukraine. Can 2023 be a normal year, please?! This year has also been special in my private life –  I have been pregnant, had a little baby boy and bought our first home.

Also, my opinions about travelling have been slowly changing too. It’s not the country count or “the more trips, the better” mentality that is so “in” anymore. If I travel, I want to make more meaningful trips and tick off my long time bucket list destinations. And now that we are an international (Finnish-Swedish) family, we’ll definitely have yearly trips to Sweden.

So, these are my travel plans for 2023.

Copenhagen – Karlshamn

Lilla torg

I’m actually already writing this post in my boyfriend’s hometown Karlshamn, Sweden. We flew two days ago from Tampere, Finland, to Copenhagen, Denmark and took a train through Skåne to here. I’m still exhausted from the travel day since we had a bunch of delays, our train got cancelled and the next one was late, and so on. We’ll be in Sweden for five full weeks so I’d like to visit at least one new town. This time I think it will be Sweden’s second-largest town Gothenburg.

Rome and The Vatican

The eternal city of Rome is calling us in March. I’ve already been to Venice and Florence and this time, we are planning to visit Rome, Naples and ministate the Vatican. We wanted to visit Italy already last spring but I wanted to wait not to be pregnant anymore. I want to indulge in Italian cheeses, parma ham, gelato and wine without any food !

Amsterdam or London?

Vanha mylly Kungsparken

I haven’t been to either London or Amsterdam so maybe this year it is the time! I’m still on parental leave and Isak is doing distance work so we are both free to travel without using our holiday days. I’m still hesitating between the two capitals. Which one would you recommend if you’re travelling with a 6-month-old infant?

Interrail in Europe?

Both me and Isak have about a month of summer holiday – and we want to use it in an epic way. We’ve been planning of doing a once-in-a-lifetime interrail through Europe. This has been on my bucket list god knows for how long and I have to tick it off one year. Why not in 2023? We have been thinking of travelling slowly through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, maybe Slovenia, and stopping at every single cute village we find. I’m not sure if interrailing is impossible with a one-year-old but on the other hand, I would love to keep travelling somewhat the same way as I did before my kid.

What are your plans for 2023?

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