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Unbelievable riding trip in Northern Iceland

I wake up early in the morning. It is still silent. Somewhere you can hear distant sounds of baby lambs and horses neighing. My room is already full of light – well, the sun hasn’t practically set at all during the night. From my window I can see snow-topped mountains in the horizon, surrounded by fields and herds of Icelandic horses. Hens are still half asleep on their perches and two farm dogs are quietly observing the surroundings. I am stretching slowly under my blanket. There is no need to hurry, I have all the time in the world. Just now this is the best place to be, right here in my warm bed in the middle of rural North-Iceland countryside.

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I get ready in peace and quiet and head to the kitchen for breakfast. The table is full of fruits, muesli, surmjölk (Icelandic sour milk), different kinds of breads, ham, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. The first sip of coffee tastes divine in my mouth and I feel how the caffeine wakes me up completely. Soon we will go out to the field to choose horses for the day and get them ready for our riding trip. Today we are heading over a mountain to a fjord surrounded by mountains and lupin fields. The scenery is like from a fairy tale.

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I have just returned from Iceland where I spent an activity-packed week. I did three riding trips, hiking trips to lava fields and mountains, swam in hot springs, tasted Icelandic lamb and fish dishes and climbed to a volcano. I heard hundreds of years old stories of trolls that are living in the Icelandic countryside. I think that it will take long time to really reflect everything I saw, did, heard and tasted during the week. Big thanks to Pólar Hestar and to our guide, Satu, a Finnish entrepreneur living in Iceland for this wonderful experience!



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