What does it cost to live in Malta?

Money is an interesting topic, especially if you are a person with a history of business studies. At least, I love reading about living expenses in different countries and make comparisons between places. I even wrote a similar post about Australia previously, and ended up spending almost 1100 euros in one month in Melbourne. But how is it here in Malta? More or less expensive, what do you guess?



Renting in Malta is expensive, at least when you consider the average wage in the country (1100 euros). I live in Sliema, near Balluta Bay that is one of the most expensive areas in the country. I live on the third floor in an apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I pay 1100 euros per month, and I am the main tenant. I am paying relatively less of the rent, but then I am paying for the bills, cleaning supplies and the internet myself. This is nothing compared to Melbourne where I paid 677 euros to share a room with two girls!

The bills

For the electricity and water, I pay around 75 euros per month. I have no insurances (fingers crossed nothing happens).


For a limitless wifi, I pay 35 euros a month. I use my Finnish phone plan because I can call, text and browse everywhere in the EU for the same price.



Eating out is relatively cheap in Malta, and it is one of the pleasures that I do maybe a bit too often. I am trying to eat healthy and I buy nearly whatever I feel like, also treats sometimes (daily haha). I also visit cafes really often (daily) because one cup of coffee is so cheap (1.5 euros). I would estimate that I spend around 500 euros on food in Malta, and this includes all eating and drinking out too. Compared to Finland, buying groceries is not a lot or maybe at all cheaper here but alcohol and eating at restaurants are.


Gym is my one and only hobby that I pay money for. I go to this posh gym at Hilton, and the price is pretty posh too, 68 euros, but this includes the gym, all classes, use of the pool and for a Finn, not the least, the use of the sauna.



Public transportation is really cheap. One bus ticket is 0.75 euros and ferry ticket is 1.5 euros. Taxi to the airport is around 20 bucks. So I would estimate that I use max 20 euros on transportation per month.

Other activities

IMG_0078 IMG_0282

This means everything else, like museum entrances, cinema visits, some occasional activities. I would say that I spend around 35 euros a month on this category but of course, during some months this can be much more.


After a quick calculation, I would estimate that I spend on living in Malta around 933 euros a month. So yeah, with these igaming salaries, life really is cheaper here than in Finland or in Australia.

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