What I did not experience in Australia?

For almost two years, I travelled across Australia and managed to see even more than some locals will see in their lives. The largest cities, Tasmania, Great Ocean Road, Uluru, Blue Mountains, Great Barrier Reef, the rural Australia, Karijini Natural Park, Byron Bay – I saw all this, and much more. Luckily, Australia is a stunningly large place and there are still new places to discover. What did I miss to see during my two working holiday years?

Sydney on the New Year’s Eve



A lot of people, sky-rocketed accommodation prices, and did I mention, a lot of people? Anyway, I had already booked an accommodation in Sydney but then my plans changed and I ended up cancelling the trip. Bugger, now I think that seeing the fireworks would have been a great once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fraser Island



I also missed this iconic place because I honestly got tired of backpackers hyping about it. When too many Brits in their early twenties tell me that the place is “wicked”, I tend to avoid it. I still believe that the place is worth going and the landscapes, the lakes, the shipwrecked boat, the white sand and the dingoes are as amazing as the pictures suggest.

Cape Tribulation



When I visited Cairns, I should have done a short extra trip to see Cape Tribulation and the Daindree rainforest. I really liked the tropical Queensland, so I will pay it another visit definitely.




The only capital left to experience. Darwin is the the capital of Northern territory and the gateway to  the Kakadu and Litchfield national parks. I really wanted to take a tour from Perth to Broome and from there to Darwin but unfortunately I had my flight to Finland to catch, so I had to postpone the Broome-Darwin part for later. If you want to do that trip, make sure that you note when the wet season ends, since the tours do not run the whole year around.

Hot air balloon flight over Yarra Valley



I should have taken this flight, when I noticed it on sale for 199 dollars. Doing a hot air balloon flight has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I should have done it in Australia. Imagine this. Waking up super early in the morning, driving to Yarra Valley wine area and seeing the sunrise on a hot air balloon. Then you continue with a champagne breakfast and visits to wineries. You have a gourmet lunch at some of the beautiful venues in the area. The last but not least, you stay at one of the bed and breakfast places for a night. One day I will do this!

What places do you have yet to discover in Australia?

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