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When you have to decide…

Changes are scary and exciting at the same time. They bring a chance to learn, develop, renew yourself and become a slightly different. At the same time changes are difficult, because they force you to let go of some good things, people or the feelings of familiarity.

Here it comes. I have decided to leave Malta. 

There are several reasons behind my decision. I have complained about Mediterranean way of not getting things done, the crazy traffic in Malta or the lack of green nature, but these are not the main reasons for me leaving. I felt that I have reached the point, when I have to decide whether to settle down in here, get an apartment of my own without flatmates, decorate it with the things I like and really get my head thinking that this is not just temporary. Or then I would just have to leave.

There are several good things in Malta, like the sunny weather, the sea and abundance of working possibilities. However, the things in Finland are more important. I know that Finland has problems of its own, but I would rather deal with those problems at least for now.

What will happen? At the end of July I will return to Finland, just in time for my birthday. I have a short trip coming up to Copenhagen, and then I will start studying journalism and communication at the university of Tampere. I feel slightly nervous of getting back to the student life after several years of working and living abroad, but hey, girl’s gotta do what girl’s gotta do.

The decision feels good. You just know it inside you. This warm feeling of certainty that you have listened the sound of your inner gut. Let’s see how I will feel in October, but at least for now, this is the way to go.

And so this girl is heading towards different adventures, once again! 

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