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5 touristic things to do in Copenhagen

In my previous post, I was wondering what could I do in one day in Copenhagen. If a traveller doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, there are two options to do. You can either prioritise and choose to experience the few must things to do. Or you can ignore all Lonely Planet’s tips and just wander on streets and sit at cafes observing people. Both options are equally fine. This time though I chose the first option and rushed my way through five touristic things to do in Copenhagen.


Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront in Copenhagen. It is also an entertainment district full of cafes, restaurants and pubs. The area is really packed with tourists and their cameras and selfie-sticks. I have to admit that the colourful houses on the waterfront create a beautiful background for your photos. Just remember to be quick with your selfie sessions since there are others waiting to get their shot!

The Little Mermaid statue

The bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen is a popular attraction in Copenhagen. The statue was unveiled in 1913 and many tourists want to get a picture with the little fairy tale creature. The statue has unfortunately encountered its fair share of vandalism and its head has been sawn off for a couple of times. Last year the statue was found drenched in red paint as a stand against Denmark whaling in the Faroe Islands. Go to see the tiny statue and the huge masses trying to get their picture with it. There is something really absurd with it.

Taste Danish sandwiches

Sandwich or smorrebrod is the thing to eat while in Copenhagen. I think traditionally the sandwich is an open sandwich that either comes with toppings on the bread or with a plate with different toppings you to choose from. I really like the dark bread they had in Denmark because I think it goes well with salmon, herrings and shrimps.

Spot cyclists

Copenhagen is the world’s cycling capital if you ask me. You can find hardly any (maybe not even at all) bike lanes in Malta so for me spotting Danish cyclists was quite interesting. People are not just cycling to work, but taking their kids to kindergarten, their groceries home or their pets to somewhere on their bikes.


At first, I thought that I don’t have time to go to Tivoli. I changed my mind later, and luckily so because this visit ended up being the highlight of my trip. You can either buy only entrance tickets or tickets with entrance and an unlimited number of rides. For an adult, it was enough just to get in (price was 16€). Tivoli is really worth its reputation, every single detail is carefully planned and executed and the place makes even adult’s imagination to run wild. Peacocks, flower decorations, palace-like buildings and rides looking like time machines made me step into almost another world. I can highly recommend!

I don’t like when journalists or bloggers make these list saying “do at least this or that or otherwise you haven’t really experienced the place”. That is not true. Everyone lives and travels the way one wants and can depending on the current circumstances. This time I felt like scoring a couple of tourist destinations and doing touristic things but maybe next time I will experience Copenhagen in some totally different way.

What activities or attractions would you recommend seeing in Copenhagen?

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