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6 must-see places in Rome

One of my long-time dreams came true when I had the opportunity to travel to Rome this spring. That legendary “eternal city” offers plenty of fascinating sights that can be experienced even during a short vacation. Be prepared for walking, crowds, and being dazzled by iconic landmarks that reflect the city’s rich history. Whether you are a first-time visitor or someone who has travelled to Rome multiple times, I recommend experiencing at least these six interesting must-see places in Rome to see during your trip.

1. Colosseum

The Colosseum, the world’s largest ancient amphitheatre, is Rome’s most famous landmark. This massive building, nearly 2,000 years old, invites you to explore the thrilling life of Roman gladiators. Your imagination indeed runs wild here as the stories from movies and school history classes come to life. It’s somehow surreal to stand in the very place where thousands of people gathered 2000 years ago to witness bloody gladiatorial battles!

The Colosseum is impressive even when admired from the outside, but I recommend going inside at least once in your lifetime. Tickets must be purchased in advance for a specific day and time, as they are no longer sold on-site. Buy tickets from the official website here (the page is quite challenging to use on a mobile device, at least I remember struggling with it almost to the point of frustration). With the same ticket (18 euros), you can also visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Note that even those who are eligible for free admission (like our baby Anton was) need to reserve a ticket.

2. Trevi Fountain

If possible, head to the Trevi Fountain early in the morning to avoid the crowds. The magnificent Trevi Fountain represents the Baroque style and depicts the sea god Neptune on a chariot pulled by three horses. According to legend, if you throw a coin into the fountain with your back facing it, you ensure that you’ll return to Rome one day. Despite how touristy it may be, I found myself throwing a coin into the fountain as well. Let’s hope I’ll return to Rome one day!

3. Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are, in my opinion, an okay attraction worth checking out when you are nearby. You can climb the steps and admire the views from the top or sit down and take a moment to catch your breath while watching people passing by.

4. Roman Forum

Located near the Colosseum, the Roman Forum is an archaeological site of ancient Rome. It’s like a journey back to the city of Rome where ordinary Romans lived, conducted trade, engaged in politics, and worshipped their gods. The entrance ticket to the Colosseum also grants access here, and I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. However, we had a bit of difficulty navigating with our baby stroller here due to the bumpy cobblestone streets. I could have spent a bit more time here, but I’ll revisit the site next time.

5. Pantheon

The Pantheon, the “temple of all the gods,” is a unique Roman building that has remained almost unchanged for over 2,000 years. Make sure to add it to your must-see places in Rome because the place blew me away! It was originally built as a sanctuary for the seven planets and the gods representing them. When I stepped inside the building, my jaw literally dropped. The magnificent dome of the Pantheon spreads overhead like the sky, allowing in a dim light that creates a mysterious glow. That dome is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome! What an architectural masterpiece of its time! Inside the Pantheon, you can also see the tomb of the famous Renaissance painter Raphael.

6. Trastevere

Once upon a time, Trastevere was a slightly less touristy part of Rome, but nowadays, crowds have discovered it too. This somewhat bohemian and romantic district, encompasses beautiful narrow streets, historic churches, charming squares, and atmospheric restaurants and bars. Walk the streets of Trastevere, experience the local way of life, take a break in one of the area’s small churches, and savour delicious Roman cuisine. The suburb is full of nice little atmospheric restaurants, and especially in the evening, the area is very popular.

That was a list of perhaps the most famous sights in Rome. The best part is that all of them can be seen for free without an admission fee (unless you want to go inside the Colosseum). They are also all within walking distance of each other.

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