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Greetings From Berlin!

Berlin, du bist ja schön!

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It is already 8 o’clock in the morning. My travelling companions, my sister and father, are still asleep. I have been an early bird today and been awake for more than an hour. I love these quiet, peaceful morning when I can do my own stuff and drink several cups of coffee without any need to go anywhere. The world is still young, the morning sun is sharing its first glimpses between the buildings and the air is cool and fresh. These moments have a bit of magic in them.

I arrived Berlin early in the morning yesterday. I took the airport train to the city centre and swapped to an U-bahn and continued to my suburb, Presenzlauer Berg. I took a small stroll in the neighbourhood and I saw the cutest cafes and coffee roasters, clothing and design stores, interesting restaurants and walls full of graffiti. This was exactly the Berlin that I expected and hoped to see.

Today we are planning to do some sightseeing, visit a couple of museums and of course see the Berlin wall. Me and my sister are going to take our dad to taste über Berliner falafel and hummus vegan burgers and see if he is going to like it. Then we are just planning to spend time sitting at cafes and observing people passing by and enjoying the atmosphere of this interesting city.

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