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I will start my university today

Good morning! I woke up today way too early at 3 am. I don’t know if this had anything to do with the fact that I am starting my university today! I can remember so well the last time I was a business freshman ready to head to the University of Tampere. I was nervous and pondered what kind of shoes people wear at university or whether they use a backpack or a normal handbag.

It is hard to believe how quickly years passed by. At the end of my studies, my life was already pretty steady. I was in a relationship, working and prepared to step into the life of adults. I was ready for a job, career, responsibilities and everything I had worked so hard for. Well, the destiny – or me myself – decided otherwise but that is another story.

In this photo, I had just handed in my master’s theses. It was easy to smile.

Now it feels like I am re-living my twenties again. I am back at the square one. I have returned to my old childhood home where my old high school books are collecting dust. I will start university for the second time, only now my classmates are born in 1999! I have university parties, picnics, freshman activities and orientation courses waiting for me. It feels a lot like a deja vu.

Celebrating my graduation

On the other hand, everything is different. So much has happened during the past years. My life has been dence, full. I have travelled from one country to another, changed from one job to another, moved from one flat to another. I have met new people, many of them who have changed my life, altered a bit the person I am. I am different, grown, less demanding, more free. Starting at the university almost feels like a break that I need. It feels good to stay in one country at least for a while.

Today I will start studying. I know completely how it will be. At the same time, I don’t have any clue how it is going to feel. I am open-minded, positive. Studying journalism is my decision, something that I wanted to do just for myself. So university, be prepared. I am coming! Wish me luck!

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