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8 random facts about me

I read a Finnish blogger Virpi’s Hätälasku blog and her eight random facts about her. I think the idea of the post was so funny that I decided to make my own version of it. Even though I blog with my own name and face and sometimes even share some quite deep and personal stuff about me, this The Present is Perfect -Sandra is only one side of me. It is a shallow version of the whole me, who is a bit more goofy, weird, sensitive and even boring than this representation of my blog personality.

In this post, I will share some random facts about me. If you understand Finnish, you can see my blog colleague’s original post here.

My nickname is Tiivi or Tiwi

I think I got this nickname when I was two years old. My dad was building our house and I was “helping” him and playing with cement. “What are you doing?”, my dad asked me. “I am making tiivi”, I replied with confidence. Since then my parents have called me Tiivi or later Tiwi.

I have visited Australia 5 times

Australia has been present in my blog quite a bit, but did you know that I have visited the country already five times? The first time was in 1994 and since then I have paid visits on a regular basis. The highlight of my trips to my favourite country was, of course, my two working holidays years when I really got to immerse myself in the culture.

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I am a social introvert

Many people who know for example my job personality, might think that I am Finland’s most social and loud person. I have no troubles getting to know new people and I tend to be this funny joker in my work community. In my private sphere, however, I enjoy being alone in my solitude. I have only a few friends who know me well. I have no troubles spending several days without talking to anyone. After a big party, I need several hours just to come down and recharge my energy. It is really difficult for me to understand those people who always want to spend time with someone because I prefer to travel, shop or go to the movies alone.

I am the worst at navigating!

For someone who travels a lot, it is surprising to be so bad at navigating. If I stop somewhere for coffee, I usually continue to walk to the wrong way afterwards. As a child, I could differentiate left and right only because I have a mole on my left hand.

I used to be really good at speaking Swedish

You might know that Finland actually has two native languages, Finnish and Swedish. Every Finn needs to study both of them, even though only 5 % of our population speaks Swedish as their first language (and some 95 % of those speak fluent Finnish too). I come from a place where there is hardly any Swedish speaking population but I still had a high motivation to learn Swedish at school. Now I have forgotten most of my skills, but I try to refresh it every way I can. I listen to podcasts in Swedish, read something every now and then and take advantage of the Swedes I meet.

I haven’t had a relationship with a Finnish man for 11 years

If you don’t count a couple of dates with a Finnish man, I haven’t had a Finnish partner for eleven years. There is nothing wrong with Finnish guys, it is not that. I have just lived abroad and met interesting persons of other nationalities. Still, eleven years is quite an achievement.

I don’t and won’t have a tattoo

People who love travelling quite often have pictures of aeroplanes, countries or compasses tattooed on their arms, legs or backs. A couple of years ago I had a huge tattoo fever and I wanted to get my own travelling tattoo. Now I am quite happy that I didn’t get one and I think I won’t ever tattoo anything on my skin. Not saying there is anything wrong with tattoos!

I have never visited Lapland

For someone who has lived most of her life in Finland, it is pretty bad that I haven’t ever visited Lapland. I blame the Finnish weather that makes me want to head south every time I have days off and some extra money in my pocket. Maybe this autumn or winter is the time to see the magical part of Finland that attracts thousands of tourists every year?

Did you learn anything new about me? If anyone of you wants to write a similar post about you, just comment and add the link to your post. I would love to get to know you better!

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