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Autumn break plans

Sorry for being a bit quiet on my blog. Not so happy things have happened recently but today I can finally look forward to something nice and pleasant. My autumn break is starting today, and I am going abroad of course! I will need to do a couple of things at the university today but then I am heading to the local airport and traveling to Sweden.

I have to pinch myself because the time has gone so fast. It was like yesterday when I started my university and now already a quarter of the first year is done. At the same time, I feel that I really could use a holiday. The end of the year will be super busy. I will have the university on four days a week, and then I will also work for 20+ hours on top.  But hey, soon is Christmas (and a time for a new trip!).

Anyway, about the trip. I will be flying directly from Tampere-Pirkkala airport, which is so convenient because I will have time to do a lot of things in the morning. I haven’t seen the local airport for so many years so I will be excited to see how it looks like. More of that later. And if anyone has been in Kalmar, Sweden, I would love to hear your tips on sightseeing and restaurants.

PS. You can follow my trip live on Instagram 🙂

Anyone else has any plans for the autumn break?


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