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I cannot wait my stunning adventure in Iceland

Sometimes in life, there are moments when some things hit really hard. Suddenly, something feels to be almost tailor-made for you, and it automatically fills your mind with excitement. You realize that this is something that you have wanted to experience for your whole life. If something like this happens to you, then you just should take and leave, do it, live it, experience it to the fullest. After all, you live only once, right?

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I visited Iceland for the last time in 2014. The moment, when I looked down from the window of my airplane and saw the vast landscapes under me, I knew that it would be a trip of a lifetime. I saw snowy hills, geysirs bursting with steamy water and breathtaking waterfalls and thought to myself that I had arrived to a magical wonderland.

One of the greatest highlights of my Icelandic adventure was to do a horseback riding tour with Icelandic horses, which is a unique horse race only found in Iceland. We crossed a river with the horses, rode in between snow-covered hills and valleys and finished our tour at a tiny local pub, where we enjoyed cups of steamy coffee and apple pie. Locals even decided to give us a sample of one Icelandic song, which was a fine end for this memorable experience.

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So, what is happening is that I am going to Iceland for a week to do a horse-back riding tour! When I encountered an offer to book a weeklong horseback-riding trip to Iceland, all my summer vacation plans took a new turn. I quickly called to work to reschedule my holidays, and then contacted the company to make the booking. In less than five minutes I had booked a trip of my dreams! Riding and hiking in Icelandic wilderness for a week! It does not get better than this!

I cannot describe how excited I am! I will have to wait for 6 months or so, but I believe this will be worth it (and all the money I spent…).

Pretty amazing, right?


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