How to make money and see the world?

Are you sick and tired of your home country? Do you dream about relaxing life under palm trees? Do you think that you need to save forever in order to have enough money to go abroad? Well, that does not have to be the case necessarily. If you are lucky, you can even return from the world with more money in your wallet. In this post, I list ways to make money while seeing the world and living the life of your dreams.

Work and holiday visas

If you are lucky to be at a certain age and hold a passport of a certain country, the world can be your oyster. Work and holiday visas are a great way to get to know local culture and customs, travel, and make even reasonably good sums of money. If you are under 31 years old, you can spend up to two years in Australia, where the minimum wage is around 21 dollars per hour. I also discovered that I could get a work and holiday visa to New Zealand even at the age of 35, so I still have several years time to experience that.

Exchange year or internship abroad


I regretted before that I didn’t go on an exchange, when I was studying at the university. That would have been an excellent way to get to know other international students and get a hint of how living abroad feels like. If you are entitled to Finnish student benefits, like I was, the government even pays extra, if you choose to study abroad! Well, now when I am back at university, I have this chance again!


You are probably heard of Nordjobb, if you are from the Nordic countries. It is a programme that helps young, 18 – 30-year old people from the Nordic countries to get a job in some of these countries. Usually the jobs are temporary, low paid jobs, like working on a fishing factory or on a farm. Not maybe option for me anymore, but something I could have tried back in the days.

Customer service jobs abroad


Many foreign companies are looking for customer service agents in Europe. If you speak any European language, you might be able to find a job in customer service or sales via chat, email or phone. For example in Malta, there is a large group of foreigners working in their own language. I’m lucky to speak or at least understand Scandinavian languages, Finnish, English and a bit German and it was surprisingly easy to get a job here.

Working for an international company

If you are currently working in your home country for an international company, you might be able to get a posting within the company, but in some other country. I used to work for an international bank that had offices in Europe, New York and Singapore, so I might had a chance to find something in some other country.

Jobs at your embassy or in visa centres


I have two times applied a job at a Finnish embassy, once for an embassy in Riga and the other one in Canberra. Unfortunately did not get the job on neither of the occasion.

Jobs in tourism or seasonal work

How about working as a tourist guide, skiing instructor or flight attendant?

Get a remote job


Nowadays there are heaps of jobs that you can do, when you have a laptop and working wifi. If you are let’s say a writer, journalist, IT-guru or online shop owner, you can usually work from wherever you want. You can also find several freelance-sites on the internet, where you can for example get translation and content creation work.

Acquire skills that are valuable everywhere


There are skills and jobs that you can do in different corners of the world. Everywhere companies need bartenders, housekeepers, waitresses and receptionists. If you are fluent in English, you can teach the language in different parts of the world. Or maybe you could learn to massage, teach yoga, cut hair or surf and sell your knowledge and skills while travelling.

How to save money when travelling?


Here are some extra tips on how to save money, while travelling:

  • Do HelpX or WOOFing
  • Couchsurf
  • Work for accommodation
  • Start travel blog and try to get deals with companies
  • Look after a house or pets when the owners are on a holiday
  • Do au pairing
  • Travel during the night and sleep on a plain, train or bus and save
  • Minimise your expenses in your home country
  • And then the wild card: sell your properties, invest the money and live on the profits. I have met a couple of people who have been able to do that. Of course, you need some capital to start with, but hey, #lifegoals.

Do you have any more tips on how to earn money and see the world?

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