Tips to Melbourne: Summer Night Market

I have been in Melbourne for almost 18 months now, and by this time I have created some weekly routines and rituals. One of them is visiting QVM Summer Night Market every Wednesday. During the day time, the Queen Victoria Market is a great place to go to do your weekly vegetable, meat, bread and cheese shoppings, and just the mere atmosphere at the market makes  the QVM a must-see destination even for a casual visitor. However, during the night time, The Vic Market transforms into a almost bazaar like place when hundreds of locals and tourists gather together to see different street artists performing or live bands playing, to taste street food from different corners of the world (click here to see more) or to try out different drinks ranging from Spanish sangria to sugar cane juice or to even do specialty and vintage shopping.

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The Summer Night Market starts at 5 pm on every Wednesday (between 16 November and 29 March) and by 7 o’clock it is so crowded that it is very hard to move. So be prepared with cash, time and patience!

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On some nights the market has a special theme, like singles’ night or a gay festival but no matter what the theme is, everyone is welcome. I’m lucky to live just a couple of  blocks away from the market so I can visit it almost every Wednesday with my roommates, friends or just by myself. I highly recommend this place if you’re visiting Melbourne during the summer!

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Where: Queen Victoria Market, Corner Queen Street and Therry Street

How to get there: Take any tram from Flinder Street Station / Elizabeth Street (stop 4) and step off at Queen Victoria Market stop. It is within the free tram zone so you don’t need to have a myki or to pay anything.

How much: Entrance is free but still you might end up spending a lot of money on foods and drinks. Most places accept only cash. There are ATMs near the area but the lines can be super long.

When: Every Wednesday during the summer (16.11 – 29.3) between 5 pm – 10 pm.


Why: Would you like to taste Ethiopian, Moroccan or Cypriot food? Have you ever eaten a whole turkey leg in BBQ sauce? How about pavlova desserts, doughnut balls dipped in warm Nutella sauce or Spanish churros? This is a heaven for a street food lover.

You need more reasons? The drink side is not bad either. The whole city is here. Theme nights are fun. Most of the artists and performers are really good. People are on a good mood, it is summer, nights are warm and the city is around is just beautiful.

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