When the summer is turning into autumn, my mind starts to plan the future. It is time to update my goals and wardrobe, get new hobbies and make new plans. Also, new travel dreams are starting to emerge. At the moment, I have three specific goals that I want more than anything else. They are something I could probably fulfill in a year or two, which makes them worth planning. Then I also have one bigger dream but that is unfortunately still too far away.

Interrail in Europe

This doesn’t have to be an official interrail because traveling by train, bus or on a plane is so easy and relatively cheap in Europe. Exploring the whole continent has been my dream since I have been 15 years old but I never have had the guts to actually do it. First, it was the lack of money and courage, and later it has been the lack of a traveling companion. Now I finally feel that I would be ready to make this trip by myself and I have both the time and money to do this. So this will be my Big Goal for the next summer!

New York

This year I experienced Berlin and Paris so next year it might be time for New York. Exploring the Big Apple is something I think everyone should do once in their lives. If I have the money, I will head there next spring or autumn. Please, give your tips to New York!

Doing a student exchange

Is this a traveling dream? Anyway, I listed it as one. I wanted to have an exchange year when I was studying business almost a decade ago. Also that time I was lacking some courage, which has been bothering me ever since. Since I turned thirty, I have started to fulfill my dreams one by one and becoming an exchange student is one of them. My possible destinations would be Australia (did this surprise anyone?), Canada or the Nordic countries.

+ 1 extra travel dream

… that is the Antartica!  Visiting the Antartica and seeing the penguins have been my dream god knows how long. At the moment, it is too distant (and way out of my budget) but one day I will visit that great continent.

What kind of travel dreams do you have? 

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