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Adventure in Iceland starts NOW!

Greetings from the Helsinki airport! It was only 5 days ago since I was at this Nordic, clean, modern and freaking expensive place last time (seriously, 15 euros for a piccolo bottle of sparking!). This time though, I am heading to a slightly colder climate. In just few hours I will start my horse-riding adventure in Iceland.  Sounds incredible, right? The plan for the trip is exciting to say the least, and I will be spending the next days riding horses, hiking in countryside and relaxing in hot pools. I won’t be spending a lot of time in Reykjavik, just one evening and tomorrow I will travel to the second largest town Akureyri and continue to the mystical Icelandic countryside.

After Iceland, I will return to Finland for the midsummer, the biggest celebration during summer time. My good Swedish friend from Malta will join me, and I will get to show him some crazy exotic Finnish culture and do some sightseeing in Tampere and Helsinki.

If you want to follow my adventures in real time, find me on Instagram  (thepresentisperfectsandra) and Snapchat (sandra.nenonen)! Now, the plane is boarding!

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