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Brunch in Tampere: Café Pispala

Brunching has become a popular Saturday and Sunday tradition in Tampere, and there are several places to get your belly full: Café Fazer, Pella’s Café, Restaurant Henriks and many more. For me the perfect brunch consists of a smorgasbord of breakfast like dishes, like croissants, breads, smoothies, fruits and scrambled eggs added with some more lunch type varieties, like salads, prawns and cold and warm fish. One should not forget dark roasted coffee and option to have a glass of sparkling wine. If the service is also friendly and atmosphere is chill and relax, I think we have all it takes to a perfect brunch spot.


I wanted to start my brunching journey in Tampere by testing Café Pispala’s brunch, which has been voted as the best brunch in Tampere. The café is located at a beautiful esker of Pispala and I bet that you can enjoy your brunch with the best views possible. Before or after the brunch, take some time to stroll around unique Pispala quarters and see the old wooden houses and stunning landscapes. The café is not located at the city centre and is a bit difficult to find but definitely worth the trouble of getting there. There is a very limited amount parking space, which is good to keep in mind. The brunch is very popular so booking in advance is a must. I made my booking on the previous day and there were free tables only at 3 or 4 pm.


Unlike the most brunches in Finland, Café Pispala’s brunch is not a buffet but served to the table. The menu consists of different combinations of American style pancakes with butter and syrup, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and fruit salad and limitless refills with coffee and tea. I had vegetarian breakfast with tofu, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, eggplants, cheese and a scone and added two extra pancakes with them. The price for my breakfast was 17 euros, which is reasonable on Finnish standards. The price range was 13 – 22 euros and you could order mimosas for 5 € and a glass of sparkling for 6 €.


The tiny, cozy café was super crowded and we had to wait for some 20 – 25 minutes to get our breakfast. Despite the waitresses were very busy, they remained extremely friendly and found time to make sure that all the guests were happy and enjoyed themselves. I was starving by the time I got my breakfast and almost got tears into my eyes when I had my first bite of the pancakes. They were to die for and definitely the highlight of my brunch. The only tiny flaw was that I wish I’d had a bit more of that delicious bourbon syrup.


I can understand why Café Pispala’s brunch is regarded as one of the best ones in Tampere. The location and atmosphere are unique, pancakes are divine and the service is very good. Unfortunately their great reputation has been noted and many others have found this place, and the small café is very crowded and the noise level is sometimes a bit high, and thus, it is not as relaxed and chilled place as you would wish it to be. However, it is not the café’s fault that it is so popular and that is not a reason not to visit the place.

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