First feelings from Malta

Hi and greetings from Malta! Here is one very exhausted girl. All the new things, new environment, new people, new job, different climate, super busy traffic and lack of sleep have really taken their toll, but I’m sure that after some time I’ll be fine. Soon all this will feel like routine and my body will be used to this constant heat, so I’m confident that I’ll like my life in Malta.

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Yesterday was the first day at work, and I’m really happy to say that it all went fine. I really get to use different languages since our company is serving customers from several countries, anything from Finland to New Zealand. I already got to read texts in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and German and wrote stuff in Finnish, Swedish and English! My Swedish is sooooo rusty that it’s embarrashing (two years in Australia wiped away all my other language skills!), but slowly words and grammar are coming back from the deepest corners of my brain. My work collegues are extremely friendly and I already feel that I’m going to have great time with them. I’ve never worked at a start-up company with just young people in their 20s’ and early 30s’, so the whole vibe and the way of doing things are very different from what I’m used to.

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And Malta, what do I have to say about this island? The architecture is Medieval with influences from Italy and the Middle East. Some buildings, especially churches, are really beautiful and I can’t wait to explore the capital, Valletta. The downside is that the streets and alleys are way too narrow for the amount of cars that we have on the island. There are no parks or anything green anywhere, but in return we have  beautiful coastline everywhere (well, this is an island so what can you expect). It is way too early to form more detailed opinion or analysis, so I’ll just say that so far so good.



Now I have to hurry up to work! More to come later!


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